Over 33 Years Of Specializing In Check Guarantee & Debt Collections

Payment Solutions has always maintained the goal of providing superior debt collection practices combined with the latest in account solution alternatives to both our clients and our client’s delinquent customer base. We are extremely public relations conscious and realize the importance of the client/delinquent customer relationship and potential for that relationship to, once again, become positive.

Our purpose is to turn our client’s losses into profits. We help our clients to be more successful by increasing the cash flow more quickly and efficiently than they have ever experienced before. Our clients value Payment Solutions ability to provide effective debt collection solutions while maintaining our client’s image to their delinquent customer.

Payment Solutions is an active member of the American Collectors Association, the California Association of Collectors, and the Better Business Bureau. We maintain complete Errors and Omissions Coverage, Client Indemnity Bond, Personal Liability and Employee Fidelity Coverage.

Soon after the beginning of the check guarantee program, Payment Solutions realized that businesses needed professional expertise in collecting unpaid debt. The solution was to create an effective debt recovery company that utilizes the latest in collection technology and employs the most professional collection representatives. Consequently, Payment Solutions collection agency was formed and has been one of the industries most trusted debt recovery companies in the nation.

In our 33 year history, we have been proud to maintain a personal and supportive relationship with our clients. Payment Solutions has achieved national recognition through our commitment of remaining at the forefront of retail payment services with a reputation for quality and innovation.